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Python with Space Applications

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Date: 8th Dec 2020
Time: 6 PM IST

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Python with Space Applications MASTERCLASS

This course aims to teach everyone intermediate level of programming using Python and explore its scope in the field of space sciences. We cover from basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python and take it to a level where they can apply the gained knowledge in the field of space.

The course has no prerequisites. Anyone with moderate level computer experience should be able to master this course. Along with Python this course teaches it’s space application and how one could use Python to make their lives simple in the domain of Space Sciences.


$ 20Non-Indians

  • Python & it's Data types
  • Loops & Functions
  • OOPs & Numpy
  • Astropy and FITS file
  • Detecting hidden pulsars
  • Analysing Exoplanets and Star systems
  • Solving Rocket equations and Orbital Mechanics
  • Networking Session
  • Holistic Discussion & Brainstorming
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    12th - 19th December, 2020.
    6 PM - 7:30 PM IST, each day.


    Through Python to The Stars

    Day 1: Python & it’s Data Types

    • Interpreter vs Compiler.
    • Numbers and basic operations.
    • Variables.
    • Strings and it’s manipulation.
      (String, String slicing, string indexing, string inbuilt methods)
    • Lists and it’s manipulation(List slicing, list indexing, list inbuilt methods)

    Day 2: Loops & Functions

    • Advanced data types (Dictionaries, Tuple and Sets)
    • Conditional statements  (if-else, elif)
    • Loops (bWhile, For, Range)
    • Functions

    Day 3: OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) & Numpy

    • Classes and Objects

    • (Using the class keyword, Creating class attributes, Creating methods in a class)

    • Inheritance And Polymorphism

    • PIP installation. (get-pip.py Script)

    • Basic Numpy (Numpy.array).

    Day 4: Space Applications (Part - 1)

    • Introduction to Computational Astronomy.
    • Libraries for Astronomy (Astropy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas)
    • Code – Manipulating FITS files.

    Day 5: Space Applications (Part - 2)

    • Code – Detecting hidden Pulsars.
    • Code – Calculating the hubble’s parameter.

    Day 6: Space Applications (Part - 3)

    • Code – Analysing Exoplanets and star systems.
    • Code – Solving Rocket Equations and Orbital Mechanics.

    Day 7: Your Network is your Networth

    • I’m going to BE SUAVE!
    • 3MIQs.
    • Let’s get connected.

    Day 8: Holistic Discussion & Brainstorming

    • Discussing solutions to all the Assignments.
    • Ask us anything.
    • Workbook Solution.
    • Overall Revision.

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