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Spaceonova is a leading space education company comprising visionaries and dedicated members who are striving with elegance to make all fields of space sciences available to the enthusiasts and help them in their journey of knowing the cosmos better.


Spaceonova services

We provide so many different services for space enthusiasts: spaceonova services 

National Spaceonova Asteroid Search Campaign

Join us now to become an #AsteroidHunter. Discover a real asteroid in just 5 easy steps and get a chance to name it 😉

Space Ambassadors Programme

Want to be a space entrepreneur? Have the zeal to contribute to growing space ecosystem? Join now to start your own Space Guild 😉

International Space Theme Festivals

Attend our world class Space Fest comprising of various challenges, learning and networking opportunities and dive deep into the world where limit tends to infinity!

Series of Sessions on Astronomy

New to Astronomy? Want to revise all your basics again? Don't know from where to start? Tension not as we bring you a series of sessions on astronomy which will help you kickstart your journey in the same 🙂

Spaceonova Training Programme

Join now to get an industry level exposure, mentorship and chance to join team Spaceonova through an intensive one month training programme.


Attend our Masterclass to get an in-depth knowledge on any field of space sciences, learn how to write a good research paper and enhance your knowledge through project based learnings.

Young Sheldon Programme

Are you a school student with dreams to fly high in the sky? Enroll now to get mentored by space technologists and get equipped with necessary tools in the domain of space.


Book a workshop now to get hands-on experience in building stuff like rockets, Can/Cube Sats, telescopes, drones, planes and learn PCB fabrication and space robotics.

Space Camp

Join our space camp to get a chance to travel to new places, stargaze, launch some rockets etc. Let this camping be an experience of a lifetime for you 😉


Learn anytime, anywhere for FREE and take your first step towards pursuing a career in the field of space sciences by attending our live webinars.

Virtual Reality Modules

Allow us to bring space to you literally through our amazing VR modules and have a learning experience unlike any. Visualise the unseen!

Space Podcasts

Tune in to our weekly dose of space focused podcasts while doing your daily chores to learn about and stay updated with new trends and innovation in the space industry.

spaceonova services