Space Guilds and Space Ambassador Programme is a Non- Profit initiative of Spaceonova Space Education Outreach Programme, Started to encourage more and more youths to take steps in the vast field of Space Sciences and guide them to success. 

Space Guilds are our community chapters in different parts of the country on school, college or city levels.

Space Ambassadors are the chapter lead who are responsible for the operation of the College/School Chapters.


  • Leadership.
  • Knowledge and Interest in Space Sciences.
  • Willingness to learn and teach.
  • Interest in Entrepreneurship.

Benefitsand Perks

  • Leading a community of Space Enthusiast on City Level.
  • Learning many soft skills like Leadership, Public Speaking etc
  • Learning how to organise a City and also National/International Level events.
  • Contributing to the Space eco-System of India and the World.
  • Learning Skills like Public Relations, Outreach, Operations, Marketing.
  • A session on “Roles and Responsibilities of a CEO” every two months.
  • Chance to become Space Affiliate for Spaceonova and start connection based earning.
  • Chance to join Team Spaceonova.
  • Swags like T-shirts, Backpacks, etc will be sent on the basis of your performance.
  • Certificates and Letter of Recommendation will be given once you complete a certain amount of time (6 months) with Spaceonova.


You will receive an email on 1st of next month with your first task for the recruitment process.

Roles and Responsibilities

Expanding the Horizon

Recruit more Space volunteers in your city and expand the local Community of Space Enthusiasts.

Science Communication

Guilds should focus on educating more and more students about the mysteries and advancement of Space Sciences. 

Community Outreach

Helping Spaceonova Organisation to increase the outreach of International Space Science Challenge and National Spaceonova Asteroid Search Campaign.

College/School Level Event Organisation

Organize events like Webinars, Bootcamps, Workshops, Competitions, Challenges, etc at College/School level.

National Level Event Organisation

1 event every month. Can be both online or offline. One National Level Event every 3 months.

Skill Development

Team members should focus on social media, outreach, marketing and technical skills. Also on community building and new citizen science projects.


Building the space ecosystem is totally a non-profit initiative of Spaceonova and hence it neither charges for the same or pays for it but perks and various other opportunities are given as per the work of the space ambassador.

You will receive an email for registration within 48 hrs. of the form submission.

Yes, all the ambassadors will go through a proper 1 weeks training before they start their journey as guardians of the space ecosystem for their region.

Once a space ambassador, always a space ambassador. So basically minimum months of contribution required is 6 months and maximum is at the will of the ambassador.

For metro cities, we will have upto 10 ambassadors.

Once you submit a proposal for the requirement of Speakers, the organisation will either provide you with the same or else will guide you on how to approach the same.

Benefits of the programme are mentioned above and incentives are based on the performance.

Yes, You would have the option to upload the same when you will register yourself as a candidate for Space Ambassadors Program

Required knowledge resource will be provide by the organisation along with the guidance to approach sponsors. 

We will guide you through the process of fundraising and how to approach a Sponsor.

You will be working remotely, hence there are no specific timing hours, the point is that you do what is supposed to be done.

Yes, you will get certificates after the completion of atleast 6 months of your Program.

As long as they either live or study in the same city as you.

Minimum 7, maximum at your will. 

As long as they either live or study in the same city as you.