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Spaceonova is a leading space education company comprising visionaries and dedicated members who are striving with elegance to make all fields of space sciences available to the enthusiasts and help them in their journey of knowing the cosmos better.


We have a dream, a vision, to enable literally anyone to be a space technologist by the year 2025. We firmly believe that together we can make a difference!


● To establish a global community of Space Exploration within the reach of all.
● To enable the students to pursue careers in the field of Space Sciences.

City Guilds with Space Ambassadors

Starting with 10 city chapters across India
Creating an environment which can guide any student living in your city in the field of space science.
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Register Here:

Recruit more space ambassadors in your city. (Team of 5 with one guild lead)

2 events every month. Can be both online and offline.

Team members can focus on social media, outreach, marketing, technical skills, community building, new citizen science projects.

Roles and Responsibilities

Use facebook group and linkedin page to update other space enthusiasts.

One Research and Development session every week

Organize events like WSW, Astronomy day, Space Science challenge, asteroid search campaign, etc (which Spaceonova already organises) at City level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the programme free/paid?

Building the space ecosystem is totally a non-profit initiative of Spaceonova and hence it neither charges for the same or pays for it but perks and various other opportunities are given as per the work of the space ambassador.

Will we get any mails?

You will receive an email for registration within 48 hrs. of the form submission.

Will the space ambassadors be trained?

Yes, all the ambassadors will go through a proper 2 weeks training before they start their journey as guardians of the space ecosystem for their region.

What’s the duration of this programme?

Once a space ambassador, always a space ambassador. So basically minimum months of contribution required is 3 months and maximum is at the will of the ambassador.

For metro cities can’t we have more than one ambassador?

For metro cities, we will have upto 10 ambassadors.

How do we get speakers?

To be answered...

What benefits & incentives will we get?

To be answered...

Is there any CV/LinkedIn Profile to be Submitted?

Yes, You would have the option to upload the same when you will register yourself as a candidate for Space Ambassadors Program

Will we get paid for organising events?

You will get perks as per your performance

Are we gonna get any sponsors?

Fundraising/ donations is one option. Resources needed for the event can be provided by us.

What’s the working timings?

You will be working remotely, hence there are no specific timing hours, the point is that you do what is supposed to be done.

Do we get a certificate?

Yes, you will get one after the completion of your Program.

Can we recruit people from our college societies too but they’re from different cities?

As long as they either live or study in the same city as you.

How many hours in a week will we have to give?

Depends on you.

Can we get our friends too?

As long as they either live or study in the same city as you.