Starts on 24th Jan, 2022

Through Python to the Stars 😉

Gain an in-depth understanding of the Python programming language and its various applications in the field of space science through hands – on problem statements to reinforce your knowledge better while learning everything from the scratch and get a chance to grab an internship at Spaceonova following the training programme.


24th Jan., 2022


6 - 7:30 PM IST

Total Modules

10 Live Modules

Research Guidance Provided?

Yes 🙂

Colleges we have delivered Python with Space Applications workshop in:

What will you learn in the Training Programme?

Python and it’s Data types

Loops and Functions

Object Oriented Programming and NumPy

Discord Bot and Image Analysis

Manipulating & Storing Information in FITS files

X-Ray Astronomy & Detecting Hidden Pulsars

Discovering Exoplanets & Solving Rocket Equations

Introduction to Orbital Mechanics with Python

Sunspot Visualisation

Project Defense

Who is this Training Programme for?


Data Analysts



Citizen Scientists

Observational Astronomers

Young Researchers

Policy Makers

Anyone who wants to use computations to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos 😉

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Meet Your Educators

SDE at Dell.
4+ years of experience in teaching Machine Learning.
4 star coder on Code Chef.
Expertise in Python, Automation, ML, Data Science, Back-end Development, Node JS, C++ and PHP
Have made 6 preliminary discoveries of asteroids.
Soutik Nandy
Chief Information Technology Officer, Spaceonova
Space Systems Engineer.
44 preliminary and 2 provisional discoveries of asteroids.
4+ years of experience in teaching IoT, Embedded Systems, Avionics and Systems Engineering.
20+ Talks Delivered as a Guest Speaker.
Guinness World Record Holder.
Shivam K. Singh
Founder & Director, Spaceonova

Yes you will be certified with this program

Yes! You will be certified for this training programme once you submit your assignment.

Official and verified

Easily Shareable

Enhances Credibility

What TheySayAbout Us

Joana Caetano
Space Service and Applications Engineer at
Angolan Office Space Affairs

Tanish Nandre
Physics Bachelor at Fergusson College

Souradeep Datta
Space Enthusiast

Megha Rai
Physics Hons. Delhi University

Kriti Bhatia
Space Enthusiast

Devan Gopal
Data Scientist


It’s going to be a completely live session.

Yes, we will share recordings to all the participants for reviewing the session or in case they miss it for limited time period.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion if you finish the entire training programme as instructed.

It is IST (Indian Standard Time).

Yes, you can opt for the Python with Space Applications Masterclass which covers all the concepts in the training programme except the Hands-on sessions and few other perks associated with the training programme.

Yes, you can avail the Early Bird Offer which will be valid from now for a few weeks.