Starts on 16th Dec

Understand life through a cosmic perspective 😉

Gain an in-depth understanding of the origin of life and its evolution, get an insight into extraterrestrial life, especially intelligent life, and explore the future possibilities of life in this cosmos.
Learn to use various hands – on tools and get equipped to conduct research work in the field of Astrobiology.


16th Dec., 2021


6 - 7:30 PM IST

Total Modules

16 Live Modules

Research Guidance Provided?

Yes 🙂

Colleges we have delivered Astrobiology workshop in:

What will you learn in the Training Programme?

Introduction to Astrobiology

Formation of Stars and Elements

Formation of Planetary Systems

Origin of Life on Earth

Evolution of Life

Life due to Plate Tectonics

NGS and Data Analysis (Hands-on)

Life beyond Earth

NAAP Labs (Hands-on)

Where are the Aliens?

Life on Mars

Simulating Space Radiations (Hands-on)

Percy: The Astrobiology Rover

Exploring Mars (Hands-on)

Space Exploration Ethics: Our Responsibilities

Project Defense

Who is this Training Programme for?

Biotechnologists and Bioinformaticians



Educators and Researchers


Food Technologists


Policy Makers

Anyone who wants to find the answer to the questions like Why are we here? Who are we? Where did we come from? etc.

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Meet Your Educators

Ph.D. in Neuro-oncoimmunology of human glial tumors (ICMR Research Fellow).
7+ years of teaching experience in Zoology and Molecular Biology.
Publications: 6 original research articles; 3 review articles; 2 book chapters.
NASA Scientist of the Day 2020-21.
Junior Scientist of the Year award 2018.
Winner of Edward Kennedy Memorial Award 2019.
Dr. Krishnendu Ghosh
Research Investigator
Diploma in Astrobiology.
3 years of experience in teaching Geology and Astrobiology.
15+ Talks Delivered as a Guest Speaker on Astrobiology.
Expertise in Plate Tectonics, Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, Earth Sciences, Planetary Geology and Astrogeology.
Anuj Soni
Head at Department of Astrobiology
Former Research Trainee at ISRO.
5+ Talks Delivered as a Public Speaker on Astrobiology.
Engineering Centre Researcher in 48th Space Simulation Mission organized by Habitat Marte | Brazil Mars Research Station.
Visiting Scholar at BMSIS.
Research Student Member at ACOEA.
Member of shortlisted team in 2nd round of Third National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition organized by Aeronautical Society of India.
Shireen Mathur
Senior Research Scientist
Geologist and Environmental Scientist.
Research Analyst at Kimberlite International Oilfield Research, Houston, Texas.
3 years of experience in teaching earth science and geology.
Aided in discovering over 100 new decapod species during research apprenticeship.
Expertise in invertebrate paleontology with relation to paleoclimatology.
Public Speaker (Astrobiology)
Jessica Dudley
Astrobiology Changemaker
Masters in Biochemistry.
Awarded with Sri. Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar Gold Medal Dated: 1940 - 2021, University of Mysore.
Awarded with Annapoorna Kamath Memorial Gold Medal- 2021, University of Mysore.
Awarded with Sri. Ramanuja Iyengar Gold Medal, 2021- University of Mysore.
Global Student Leader- Study of U.S Institutes, U.S.A (SUSI) Five-week exchange program at the University of Washington.
Public Speaker (Astrobiology).
Expertise in Drosophila culturing and handling, Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis, Biochemical and enzyme assays, protein purification strategies and Bioinformatics data analysis.
Astrobiology Changemaker
Masters in Microbiology.
Trained in BSL3 on Pathogenic Mtb strain.
7+ Talks Delivered as a Public Speaker on Astrobiology.
Member of Microbiology Society, UK.
2 Scientific Publications.
3 years of experience in teaching Microbiology.
Expertise in Spectrophotometry analysis, Nanoparticle synthesis, Antibiotic susceptibility assays, Aseptic techniques.
Astrobiology Changemaker

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It’s going to be a completely live session.

Yes, we will share recordings to all the participants for reviewing the session or in case they miss it for limited time period.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion if you finish the entire training programme as instructed.

It is IST (Indian Standard Time).

Yes, you can opt for the Astrobiology Masterclass which covers all the concepts in the training programme except the Hands-on sessions and few other perks associated with the training programme.

Yes, you can avail the early bird offer if you register by 6th December, 2021.

Yes, we are conducting a FREE webinar on Careers in Astrobiology on 4th December, 2021 on our LinkedIn platform which will give you more insights about the field.
Also, our Astrobiology courses covers everything from scratch so anyone with a scientific temperament can attend our sessions.

You can even look out for FREE two days Astrobiology Workshops which Spaceonova conducts frequently in collaboration with various colleges  to spread awareness about the field of Astrobiology.