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Spaceonova is a leading space education company comprising visionaries and dedicated members who are striving with elegance to make all fields of space sciences available to the enthusiasts and help them in their journey of knowing the cosmos better.

This is an Unpaid Internship for Experience Gain
Spaceonova is a leading space education company with a vision to enable literally anyone to be a space technologist.
Spaceonova aims to establish a global community of space exploration within the reach of all and enable students to pursue careers in the field of Space Sciences.
At Spaceonova we provide cutting-edge educational services in the field of Space Sciences.
We believe that Space Exploration results in Innovation, Culture & Inspiration and provides new means to address global challenges.
Fill this Internship form carefully, and we shall interact with you soon.
Duration: 2 months
Joining Date: Immediate
After completion of the internship duration, All exceptional interns will be offered an opportunity to join our company permanently.
If you think you have what it takes to be a Space Entrepreneur, then what are you waiting for?
Come, Join us and let’s create a space ecosystem,
Where limit tends to Infinity!
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