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Spaceonova is a leading space education company comprising visionaries and dedicated members who are striving with elegance to make all fields of space sciences available to the enthusiasts and help them in their journey of knowing the cosmos better.


Have you ever thought of sitting at your home, pursuing your studies and increasing your experience and network among the professionals with it? Sounds interesting, right? Well I have an amazing learning opportunity at SPACEONOVA

What is Spaceonova?

💠 Spaceonova is a leading space education company .
💠 Build up your knowledge about all fields of space sciences and get a better understanding of the cosmos.
💠 Impacted life’s of more that 23K students.
💠 Has successfully conducted more than 26 events by now
💠 Providing students with necessary internship opportunities to enable them to further pursue careers in the fields of space science .

About the Campus Ambassador role

The job profile is of a CAMPUS AMBASSADOR for 90 DAYS

Talking about the Job role, it has easy roles with many new things to learn like,
• Marketing SSC
• Promoting SSC

Daily Responsibilities of the Campus Ambassadors.

Daily Responsibilities of the Campus Ambassadors will be:-
1) Reaching out the people in their campus about Spaceonova.
2) Conveying the message of Spaceonova to the people their respective campus.
3) Bringing more and more people to the events of Spaceonova.

What are the benefits of joining this Drive?

Here comes the earning opportunity! 
• Certificates
• LOR from the CEO & Founder (Performance Based)
• Prizes for the top performers
• Grow your network among the Industry Experts