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There's definitely something new to learn and explore with the different sessions by Spaceonova. The instructors truly go the extra mile to get your queries and concerns resolved. Really love the energy! The vision for the space community that Spaceonova has envisioned is also admirable. 🚀🚀🚀

Sathesh Raj

Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Manager at Space Generation Advisory Council
Great Educators and Experienced Professionals. The Masterclass focuses on the detailed study of core subjects as well as they also teaches some networking skills that are necessary for a person to excel in his life and career. Also, they have initiated a first ever Masterclass in India on things related to Astrobiology. So happy to be a part of that.

Abhishek Sarbhukan

Life Science Student
The Spaceonova team is very dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed to delivering high-level education and outreach. I had a great experience in the Python training with space applications, dedicated teachers, and engaging homework that helped me have a higher level in Python programming, not only for space applications but also for everyday applications. Greetings from Chile!

Priscilla Nowajewski

Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Mars University, LA, California
It was a great experience with the team Spaceonova. I really enjoy the culture, the cosmic nature towards people around the globe. I am fortunate enough to be a part of their journey before and actively looking forward to join with them to their next cosmic destination.

Samrit Pramanik

Student Member at Royal Statistical Society
Spaceonova has been instrumental in providing us with so many opportunities to learn more and keep upgrading our knowledge. It has been great to hear from people all around India and the globe. Hoping to be a part of this long term and continue learning with spaceonova


Space Science Enthusiast
Spaceonova is not a corporate organization, it's a community. It's a community that accepts all. Anyone who wants to learn or contribute to space sciences and related subjects is welcome here. It's on a trajectory unparalleled by any and I'm sure it'll become a household name very soon. I cherish my time being a part of this community.

Megha Rai

Physics hons. Delhi University
definitely one of the best learning experiences, each session surprises me with so many interesting things, space is definitely the most incredible thing that can exist and Spacenova makes it something very unique, thanks for this great experience, greetings from Mexico.

Mónica Ortiz Alvarez

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and Space Center Houston
I loved this Masterclass entirely. It was a great journey which took us from origins of life early on our planet to search for a new earth and all the future prospects along the way. Such nicely designed course to instigate some thought provoking questions during the discussion time. Thoroughly enjoyed this treat!

Komalharini Tiwari

Master of Science, Bioinformatics
“Both Ruchira & I had a wonderful and productive session with Spaceonova on Space Journalism. It was well organised and the interaction with the audience which followed was excellent. We look forward to participating with Spaceonova again.”
Srinivasa-Sir space education

Srinivasa Laxman

Space Journalist, freelancer for Times Of India

What TheySayAbout Us

Joana CaetanoSpace Service and Applications Engineer at
Angolan Office Space Affairs

Tanish Nandre
Physics Bachelor at Fergusson College

Souradeep Datta
Space Enthusiast

Megha Rai
Physics Hons. Delhi University

Kriti Bhatia
Space Enthusiast

Sathesh Raj
Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Manager at Space Generation Advisory Council

Devan Gopal
Data Scientist

Mónica Ortiz Alvarez
Intern at UNOOSA

Vijaishree Sivaswamy
BSc Agriculture, Tamil Nadu Agriculture Universiy

Sujana K.
B.Sc. Physics, Kangunadu Arts and Science College