We have a dream,

A Vision,

That by year 2025, we want to make sure that each and every child of this nation should have enough resources and guidance to be able to pursue careers in any field of space sciences irrespective of their background.

Just like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam stated his Vision 2020, we have stated ours.

Now the question is, Are YOU with us?

What makes us different

Our Foundational Values

We at Spaceonova infuse each and every action of ours with our foundational values that sets us apart from the throng and we consider this outlook of ours to be our USP. We look forward to being known for the outcome of the amalgamation of our foundational values which are: Love, Transformation, Cosmic and Innovision.
We are keen on creating a realm where these values are the cornerstone for the success of our organization at every level.



We at Spaceonova are sensitive to the needs of our team members, our partners and customers and have deep care and compassion towards everyone.


We at Spaceonova deeply believe in bringing out the best versions of ourselves which holds true for team members, partners and customers.


We at Spaceonova have a cosmic identity and we understand in both scientific and philosophical terms that we are manifestations of this cosmos and hence embrace the diversity this nature has gifted us.


We at Spaceonova always find and implement unconventional and creative methods to achieve our vision. We always question everything and embark into new possibilities through elegance and find ways to connect the seemingly unconnected stuff.

why choose us

Core ValuePreposition

Based on our foundational values below mentioned are the key value propositions which Spaceonova provides to its students and can be experienced in any of our services which we deliver.

Practical outcomes

  • Learn
  • Create
  • Innovate
  • Impact

Psychological outcomes

  • High Order Thinking
  • Being Solution Oriented
  • Fun Learning
  • Curiosity
  • Inclusiveness
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